Thursday, October 20


Illustration by Sidney McLaren, Courtesy of

The temps have [finally] fallen, and it's feeling like fall. Perfect time to discuss the fall-ey-ish of drinks, cider. I'm talking hard cider. As Leslie Pariseau explains on, "apples are to cider what grapes are to wine." And can range from "wildly sweet, and sour and tart and bitter and all the rest."

Cider's on my mind for several reasons today.

1) It's all over the web. Check out "Cider Houses Rule" on Food Republic and "The Best Hard Cider. For Men. No, Really." on Esquire and the recipe for hard cider-soaked apple-sage sausages on the Washington Post. So I almost can't not think about it. [<---secret fact: I love a double negative]

2) It's New York Cider Week. Seriously.

3) We are about to imbibe great quantities of two delicious (and Southern) ciders at the Southern Foodways Symposium next weekend. Foggy Ridge Cider made in the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains and McRitchie Hard Cider made in Thurmond, North Carolina. Can you tell I'm a little excited about it?

If you're considering turning on your heat or visiting a pumpkin patch this weekend or tailgating for your college team or ANYthing else in the least bit fallish, consider cracking a bottle of hard cider to celebrate. It is Cider Week, afterall!