Sunday, September 25


photo courtesy of Slashfood

I was reading about a wine pairing for pork rinds this afternoon and thought "this would be great for Thirsty Thursday....wait, shoot...I forgot to post last Thursday!" So, better late than never. A Thirsty Sunday post just for you:

Thank you for the inspiration, Eatocracy. Today, we'll look at wine pairings.

Even if all you get for supper tonight is goldfish leftover from under your 5-year-old's chair, there's a wine pairing for that!

First, the Eatocracy piece that suggests wines for pork rinds (Zinfandel), pickled pigs feet (Pinot Noir), and movie popcorn (unoaked Chardonnay).

Slashfood advises wines to go with gummy bears (Moscato d'Asti), guacamole (Torrontes), and chicken & waffles (Champagne).

Real Simple recommends wines to match fruit leather (Rosé) and goldfish crackers (Riesling).