Friday, September 30


NCAA Conference re-alignment got you down? Feeling sorry for yourself because the Braves and the Red Sox broke your heart. Again. Sounds like you need a six-pack!

1. Chances are you found yourself so distracted (or disturbed) by the picture of the sexy chicken that you never got around to reading about the new trend in bar snacks and general good eating, the chicken skin.

2. Rick Perry learned that the term "roadkill" when associated with Eastern Carolina BBQ is indeed a fighting word.

3. As domestic spending debates rage, NPR's food blog, The Salt, took a moment to reflect on the history and intent of farm subsidies.

4. Doritos' inventor, Arch West, will be buried tomorrow in Dallas. His family and friends will say a final good-bye by tossing handfuls of crushed Doritos into his grave.

5. A New Orleans minister is close to finishing his quest to eat in every restaurant in Orleans Parish.

6. It's time to put away the fruits of summer (I'm looking at you tomato) and embrace the fruits of fall. Here's an apple primer to guide your sauteing, baking, and snacking.