Friday, September 23


You know what goes perfectly with 75 degree temperatures, a fall breeze, and all the football you can watch? A six-pack. Enjoy!

1. Confederate catsup and Boston mustard were on the menu as New Yorkers tucked in to explore the tastes of the Civil War.

2. Women farmers are the growing trend in small acreage agriculture.

3. At Borgne, John Besh and Brian Landry will explore the culinary traditions of the Canary Islands.

4. Monique Truong prepared for Hurricane Irene by buying pork. Turns out, her porcine impulse is a family tradition.

5. Back in January, John Kessler wrote an open letter to Atlanta's culinary brain trust. In this week's fall dining guide, he celebrates those chefs who (presumably) read their mail!

6. Top Chef is heading to Texas this season. What's more, a handful of Southern chefs are competing for Top Chef fame.