Friday, September 16


You're not hungover from yesterday's special bourbon edition of Thirsty Thursday, are you? Take a BC Powder and wash it down with this week's installment of the Southern Six Pack.

1. Jane Black tells a hopeful story of school lunch reform in Huntington, West Virginia. Jamie Oliver may have sparked the change with a shame-on-you television segment, but local school administrators and cooks were the ones who rolled up their sleeves and followed through with solutions.

2. Okra is in season in much of the region, but it's not just a favorite in the American South. Give okra the Global South treatment with these Nigeria-meets-Atlanta recipes from Yewande Komolafe.

3. Do you use a kitchen scale in your home cooking? Farhad Manjoo thinks you should.

4. If you were at SFA's 2010 Global South symposium, you got a taste of Eddie Huang's wok catfish on the front porch of Taylor Grocery. In New York, you can wash down his famed gua bao with an illicit Four Loko (shh!) and a boiled peanut chaser. Turns out this chef with Taiwanese-Southern roots can write. Peep his ode to outgoing NYT restaurant critic Sam Sifton.

5. Striped bass could be making a comeback in South Carolina's Ashley River.

6. You may know Leah Chase as the grande dame of gumbo at New Orleans's Dooky Chase restaurant, but she is also a passionate collector of African-American visual art.