Friday, September 9


We're serving a delightful but decidedly odd six-pack this week: mezcal and Coke from South of the border, chefs turned cartoon characters, cake mix, food truck justice, and of course, Schweddy Balls (No, it's not Southern but we really like saying it, writing it, and watching the clip. Over and over.)

1. The Food Lab geeks over at Serious Eats have something to say about our new-found Mexican Coke obsession.

2. Wright Thompson is fixing to develop a new-found obsession with mezcal.

3. Kevin Gillespie of Atlanta's Woodfire Grill and Top Chef fame is now a cartoon character. So is Tom Colicchio.

4. Annette Council, daughter of Mildred "Mama Dip" Council, launched a new line of cake mixes.

5. Food trucks have a new champion.

6. Schweddy Balls. The skit, the legend, the ice cream flavor.