Thursday, September 29


photo courtesy of Garden & Gun Magazine

Tonight Southern Lens, SCETV's independent film series, features South Carolina Foodways. The film is produced and directed by our own award-winning documentarian Joe York and includes barbeque, seafood, pork, and squirrel stew. The people behind this food include Rodney Scott, Victor "Goat" Lafayette, Emile de Felice, and the Colleton-Green family.

If you're in South Carolina, you can tune in at 9 p.m. tonight (Sept 29).

Also, if you haven't seen the latest issue of Garden & Gun, you may have missed the spread on Joe, the "Ken Burns of Southern food." We are damn glad he's leaning the camera off the side of a boat, hanging it inside a barbeque pit, and bouncing it on the dashboard of his car (or wherever he needs to put it to get the shot). We are proud of the work he does, of the stories he tells and how he tells them. And we're thrilled others feel the same.

If you'd like to check out individual films from the Southern Foodways Alliance's collection, you can see them all online.