Thursday, September 15


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It's National Bourbon Heritage Month. (Otherwise known in Kentucky as September). That means the U.S. Senate used time well-spent passing a bill that we celebrate bourbon, "America's Native Spirit."

In that vein, I'm sharing links to a few recent stories on that beautiful, brown liquor.

I think it's only appropriate to stop here and go pour a nice glass of bourbon. Go ahead. I'll wait.

Ok, now proceed:

Imbibe Magazine, Unfiltered Blog: "10 Delicious Ways to Celebrate Bourbon Heritage Month

Eatocracy, 5@5: "Bourbon for Beginners", Food & Think: "Bourbon Renewal"

Houston Press: "September Knows How to Party"

NPR, All Things Considered: "Kentucky Bourbon Surges in Popularity"

Happy September! Cheers!