Wednesday, August 31


From time to time we receive inquires about how to collect personal, family-oriented oral histories. Our advice: just do it. Don't worry about not having any interviewing experience or not having the right equipment or whatever else might be keeping you from sitting down with your grandfather or daughter or neighbor. Just push the record button and start a conversation.

Now, though, collecting--and sharing--stories with loved ones is easier than ever. Enter Storytree, a new web-based storytelling interface that allows users to take advantage of just about every social media tool out there. The video featured above will give you a quick idea of the possibilities.

Storytree has been getting a lot of buzz lately. Check out the recent piece in the New York Times and this great overview on how Storytree fits into our lives and our world at Singularity Hub, a website dedicated to "science, technology and the future of mankind."

And then, go tell your story.