Thursday, August 25


photo courtesy of Buffalo Trace

So...the kids are back in school (I'll drink to that!).

Now is a perfect time to call in reinforcements and take an adult-only vacation. Our neighbors to the north (waaaaay north, eh?) have the right idea. This week they hit the Southern Whiskey Trail.

The SFA likes a trail (as evidenced here and here and here and here). So it seems only natural that we would give a thumbs up to embarking on a tour of whiskey (and bourbon) distilleries in Tennessee and Kentucky. You can even swing by Virginia and hit up the newly reconstructed George Washington's Distillery. It is the only site in North America that can demonstrate 18th-century distilling from seed to barrel.

Check out this Canadian's tour and what he learns about not only whiskey but about the contradictory state we southerners find ourselves in on many an occasion.

And, cheers, it's National Whiskey Sour Day!