Friday, August 26


What a strange and (dare we say) scary week it's been. Indeed, this may be the perfect moment to enjoy a six-pack! This week we marvel at 1.9 million years of home cooking, thoughtfully consider the Oreo, and contemplate the art of the menu.

East coast SFA'ers, we are all thinking about you this weekend. We hope Monday brings safety, sunshine, and blue skies.

1. One Mississippi pastor takes the fight against unhealthy foods to the last frontier -- the church supper.

2. Even Homo-erectus stood facing the stove. (or the campfire. You get the idea.)

3. Forget pop-up restaurants. Rusty Hamlin's restaurant is on wheels, 18 wheels.

4. The Oreo's taste has everything to do with fat and sugar. Its distinctive look belongs to North Carolinian, William A. Turnier. Who would have thought?

5. Wholesome Tummies has landed in Atlanta. You're going to wish for it to land in your school lunch room very soon!

6. The Spirit of 77 menu makes us very happy. What's your favorite on this beautiful site?

Rock and roll lyricist, Jerry Leiber died this week. Listen and remember Jerry, his partner Mike Stoller, and the birth of rock and roll.