Friday, August 19


1. You know what would pair perfectly with a Southern six-pack—or any six-pack, for that matter? This lamb-sausage hot dog from the Carrboro [NC] Farmers' Market.
Every Wednesday and Saturday, The Pig restaurant (a new-ish kid on the barbecue block in Chapel Hill) sets up a hot dog cart at the CFM, and market-goers line up for dogs made of pasture-raised pork or lamb merguez sausage. (We waited behind local pastrami savant Matt Neal, who serves up a near-perfect dog himself with wife Sheila at Neal's Deli.) This one featured fresh cucumber pickles, crispy (read: fried) seasoned chickpeas, and Harissa sauce, and was served on a homemade bun from fellow market vendor Chicken Bridge Bakery. It was a delicious combination of the global and the local. For more stories behind the North Carolina Triangle's local food scene, stay tuned for our Carrboro Farmers' Market oral history project, coming later this fall.

2. From Slick Willie to Slim Willie? In an effort to protect his heart, Bill Clinton is sticking to a near-vegan diet.

3. The latest New York Times "Room for Debate" feature asks, "Could Farms Survive Without Illegal Labor?" It's a question the cultivated South must consider.

4. In New Orleans, Café Reconcile offers job training and a brighter future to troubled youth; gumbo and pot roast to eager diners.

5. Be careful what you Tweet: a not-so-sneaky snark attack recently got a Houston woman kicked out of a restaurant.

6. Ever heard of Sean Brock? It seems he might be going places: Bon Appetit has just named his Husk Restaurant in Charleston, SC, the "Best New Restaurant in America."