Monday, August 22


Today was the first day of classes here at the University of Mississippi. The campus is buzzing. So is the SFA office.

Jill Cooley, who recently received her doctorate in history from the University of Alabama, will serve as the SFA's first post-doctoral fellow in foodways. She's in place and ready to go, with her first class scheduled for later this week.

Also joining the SFA are grad students Susie Penman and Roy Button. Susie is a second-year graduate student in Southern Studies.

Roy, however, is brand-new on campus. He arrives by way of the University of California: Berkeley, where he studied history and developed an interest in foodways. He found the master's program in Southern Studies by way of the slogan above. What he told us today is that he saw one of the shirts that Billy Reid makes in tribute to the SFA, visited his website, followed a link to the SFA's, and drilled down into the site of the Center for the Study of Southern Culture.

We're pleased Roy descended that sartorial rabbit hole. Welcome all.