Friday, July 15

Southern Six-Pack

My mother-in-law, who grew up in Florida, remembers passing the hottest days of the summer by sitting on the front porch, reading a book, and all the while cooling her feet in a bucket of ice cold water. It's that hot now. Gather whatever you need to re-create that scene 21st century style -- ice packs from the freezer, anti-glare coating on your computer screen, porch fan turned to 11 -- and enjoy this week's six-pack.

1. It is with great sadness that we learned of the passing of John Mosca. Our thoughts go out to his family, his friends, and his legion of intensely loyal customers.

2. Herschel Joe York died in 1976 long before he got to finish the bottle of Jim Beam he kept tucked in the back of his clothes closet. 30 years later, his grandson, Joe York, rescued that bottle. Wright Thompson tells the story.

3. Rice feeds the planet. Reporters from Louisiana to Sri Lanka find life and love in a simple grain.

4. Pimento Cheese, it's not just for Southerners any more!

5. This Sunday, the third annual Attack of the Killer Tomato Festival kicks off at White Provisions in Atlanta. Don't miss it!

6. The Southern Folklife Collection announced that the films of R. Stanley Woodward are now available in the searchable collection. Mr. Woodward is the chancellor of Southern food filmmaking. This collection is a gift to all of us who love the American South. If you haven't yet seen It's Grits, what's wrong with you?