Friday, July 8

Southern Six-Pack

This week's six-pack (not unlike an actual six-pack) takes us from thought provoking to down-right silly. Crack it open and enjoy!

1. Iowa and Florida legislatures are considering bills which would make it a crime to video-tape, audio-record, or in any way document a crop or animal facility without the prior consent of the owner.

2. Used to be, nearly all of the pecans grown in the U.S. were consumed here as well. Since 2004, that equation has changed with a booming market for pecans in China and an emerging market in India. Georgia pecan farmers, who grow 70% of the world's pecans, are struggling to keep up with the demand.

3. Food Trucks invade Nashville. Taco trucks on Nolensville Road are a recent staple of the Nashville dining scene. Now food trucks offering fare from grilled cheese to Barbie burgers are branching out to neighborhoods across the city.

4. It's pimento cheese season. Seriously. Made from cold ingredients. Requires no heat to produce. Pairs perfectly with the abundance of tomatoes and cucumbers starting to flood market baskets and back yard gardens. The folks at Charlie got so excited they dared to name the three best Pimento Cheeses in Charleston. What is the best PC in your neck of the woods?

5. The Help opens in theaters on August 10. Love the book or hate it. Looking forward to the film or not. Authentic Southern food might end up being the real star of the movie. And that would make us all very very happy!

6. If you're social media obsessed, you've likely already seen this. We don't care. We love it. We think it's the right way to end your Friday.