Saturday, July 30


The SFA announces Greenshoots, a program to promote the work of emerging farmers, artisans, and other producers of great Southern goods.

Not all companies and organizations can afford to be SFA donors. For nascent entities, the SFA stands ready to serve such goods and help spread their stories by way of the ongoing calendar of SFA events, including the annual Southern Foodways Symposium, held each fall in Oxford, Mississippi.

The idea is to expose SFA members and friends to goods they might otherwise not know.

Greenshoots is a short-term program. No entity may take advantage of this program for more than three years. SFA will pay wholesale costs for goods chosen.

If you wish to apply for Greenshoots status, and want SFA to serve your goods at our events, drop us a line. An SFA committee will review your work, review our needs, check to make sure that none of our current donors do work in that same category, and get back in touch.

As we begin, we're looking for local or regional breweries that might be interested in the program. Email if you'd like to apply.

Thanks, Team SFA