Thursday, July 14


Photo courtesy of Sam Dunn/FlickR

Dublin Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. (located in Dublin, Texas) has been producing the drink since 1891. They are the oldest Dr. Pepper bottler in the world. When most bottlers changed their sweetener to high fructose corn syrup in the 1970s, Dublin Dr. Pepper continued with the original formula, using Imperial Pure Cane Sugar. In recent years, this has made the small, family-owned bottler more popular than ever.

Dublin adds its own name to the bottle, Dublin Dr. Pepper, to differentiate their cane sugar version from the others. On June 28, Dr. Pepper Snapple Co. (DPS), the parent company, filed a lawsuit against Dublin Dr. Pepper citing "license agreement violations." DPS seeks to end the use of the term "Dublin Dr. Pepper" and also charges Dublin is selling their drinks beyond the six-county territory designated in the licensed agreement. DPS says, "we owe it to our other bottlers to stop these unauthorized charges."

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And then decide, are you a [Dublin] Pepper?