Monday, July 4


Our colleague (and former SFA board member) Fred Sauceman of East Tennessee State University has released a new short foodways film, Mountain Mojo: A Cuban Pig Roast in East Tennessee.
Every fall, Eduardo Zayas-Bazán -- a native of Cuba who was a veteran of the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion and who taught Spanish at East Tennessee State University for over 30 years -- hosts a Cuban-style pig roast in Tennessee for family and friends.

 “Among my fondest memories are the pig roasts we had in Cuba on special occasions,” said Zayas-Bazán, who marinates his pigs in grapefruit juice mixed with garlic and oregano, and cooks them in a contraption that he says “looks like a shoe box with a grill inside.”

With the annual pig roast as context, the film tells the story of Zayas-Bazán’s life, both in Cuba and the U.S. Mountain Mojo is a half-hour documentary produced by ETSU’s Office of University Relations and Center for Appalachian Studies and Services. For information on film screenings, contact Fred: