Thursday, July 21


Photo Courtesy of Franklin County Moonshine blog

High-end moonshine. It sounds funny if you say it out loud.

Moonshine has typically been known for it's, um, low-endness. Moonshine, while it is technically any illegally produced spirit, is most often associated with corn whiskey. "White whiskey" is clear, not getting the coloring of its proper cousin that spends time aging in barrels. Though it existed prior to 1920, it became a favorite back-room, under-the-table spirit by way of Prohibition. Moonshine was the easiest and cheapest homemade spirit, because of the lack of aging.

Well, moonshine has come to town. You can now legally purchase white whiskey from the likes of Heaven Hill, Buffalo Trace, Jim Beam, and High West. I just don't know if I can take moonshine with a fancy label (and price tag) seriously. Its danger is part of its appeal. Jason Wilson, of The Washington Post, says "it appears that moonshine is the new absinthe: a formerly illicit spirit that’s now the darling of the cocktail cognoscenti." Wait, now people are making cocktails with moonshine?

If you've never tasted moonshine, please note several things. First, moonshine has a very high proof. Be careful with this stuff! Also, because it doesn't have the forgiving aging process to tone it down, the taste can be startling. Ahem, not that I've tasted it. And, the one thing that hasn't changed is you still cannot legally make this stuff at home.

So, law-abiding citizens, now is your chance to try moonshine! At long last! Let's make a cocktail to celebrate: how about the Silver Queen Daisy.