Thursday, July 7


Photo courtesy of Whole Foods Market

July in the South means hot and humid.

We need some relief! Now's the time to make some lemonade out of this lemon. No, seriously.

Are your enterprising kids (or neighbor's kids) taking this opportunity to make a little money with a lemonade stand? If you're like me, the closest you got to a lemonade stand was on your Apple II. Here's a summer project for you: help them make real lemonade. Not talking powdered-mix-and-stir. The real stuff: lemons, sugar, water.

This week on Eatocracy, learn the basic recipe for lemonade. Simple syrup isn't just for cocktails--who knew? Once you've mastered that, kick it up a notch with the Smoked Lemonade. Smoke lemon halves. And add brown liquor. (Now you can make some serious cash at that stand!)