Friday, June 17


This week we debut our "Southern Six-Pack," in which we bring you a half-dozen stories that caught our attention this week. Every Friday we'll be serving up a fresh batch. (But if you're worth your weight in cracklins, you already check the SFA blog every weekday or subscribe to our RSS feed.)

1. Grow Dat Youth Farm in New Orleans teaches high-school students how to raise and market their own food.

2. Floods wreak havoc on rice crops in Arkansas, which produces nearly half of the nation's rice.

3. Think twice before you order Bananas Foster. In Palm Harbor, Florida, a waiter used 151-proof alcohol to ignite the flaming dessert, injuring four diners.

4. Do restaurant servers really make minimum wage? Which restaurant employees are bringing home the bacon? Click through for the slideshow of highest paying restaurant jobs. (Hint: If you can't get behind the bar, start at the deli counter.)

5. Barry Estabrook exposes Florida's industrial tomato industry in his new book, Tomatoland. Read an excerpt at GiltTaste.

6. Pineapples or raisins? Vinegar instead of mayo? And why do home cooks get so fired up over celery seed? Eatocracy asks the hard-hitting coleslaw questions.