Thursday, June 9


Photograph courtesy of Qiaoyun Zhang

As part of our recent oral history workshop, participants were asked to create blog posts--short pieces in response to any part of their time spent in Oxford. We will be featuring their submissions here every day this week.

* * *

The SFA oral history workshop was truly an eye-opening experience for me. During the five days of my study at the beautiful Ole Miss, I learned plenty of interview skills from the experienced oral historian and wonderful lecturer, Amy Evans Streeter, as well as some up-to-date techniques of taking field pictures and making audio slideshows. Amy’s lecture was not only interesting but also informative. She presented us many oral history projects and explained to us in detail how those documentaries were made. Amy was very generous and patient of sharing with us her own stories and experiences of conducting oral history interviews all over the southern states. 

One of the highlights of this workshop was that we went as a group with Amy to interview the owner of the local Farmers’ Market Store in the backyard of the store. It was a precious opportunity for me to observe and study how a professional oral history interview was performed. We spent the rest one and half days in processing this one-hour long interview into a five-minute audio slideshow presentation. Towards the end of the workshop, I was very excited and proud that I was able to make an audio slideshow by myself. 

I sincerely believe that the skills and knowledge that I took from this workshop will help tremendously with my future research on New Orleans foodways. This workshop, Ole Miss, and the historic town Oxford will make my best memories of summer 2011.

Anthropology, Tulane - New Orleans, LA