Tuesday, June 7


Bubba Frey, 2007. Photo by Sara Roahen. 

In 2007 Sara Roahen, an SFA oral historian, visited one of Cajun Country’s jack-of-all-trades and a keeper of traditions: Bubba Frey. 
While Bubba professes not to have strayed much from his home turf of Mowata—a town so small that the United States Postal Service doesn’t even acknowledge it with a zip code—he possesses extensive knowledge about, and perspective on, the culinary history of his region. Straight out of high school, Bubba took to rice and cattle farming, just as his grandfather and father had done. 
He also dabbled successfully in crawfish farming, but when that market became saturated and the Mowata Store came up for sale, he made a life-change. 
These days, if you stop by the store for hot boudin or cracklings, breakfast sausage or hogshead cheese, you might just find Bubba himself behind the register discussing various ways to properly cook a turtle. Then again, he could be in the poultry coop tending to his guinea hens, or down the road assisting a neighbor with his first hog killing, or practicing the fiddle that he taught himself to play.
This is a special Southern Boudin Trail edition of Okracast.
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