Thursday, June 16


Meet Dot Vidrine of Ruby's Café in Eunice, Louisiana, one of the six people profiled for our newest oral history project, Lunch Houses of Acadiana.

In the lunch houses of Acadiana, okra is revered, rice with gravy is a given, and almost every dish gets smothered. Here menus change daily, but are the same every week. Here a full day’s caloric allowance can be had for often less than 10 bucks.

The places documented in this project are part diner, part meat-and-three. You might call this soul food, or you might call it country cooking. Here in Acadiana, this style of cooking and eating is called, simply, lunch.

We'll be enjoying plates of smothered goodness from a few of these establishments as part of our upcoming field trip to Cajun Country. For those of you not joining us on the field trip, make sure to pay a visit to the lunch houses of Acadiana the next time you find yourself in south-central Louisiana.