Thursday, June 23


Photo Courtesy of Bayou Teche Brewing

We "offer authentic, responsible, and damn good food and drink at all of our events. We know where the food we share comes from, who prepares it, and how it can tell stories of our region." (it's so important, that it's part of our Values Statement)

Yeah, we like to eat and drink well. But our plate and cup have context. The smell, the taste, the reads like a history book of our place.

This weekend, on the SFA Field Trip, our plates will tell plenty about the Cajun Country and its people. Our beer will too. We'll be drinking LA 31 from Bayou Teche Brewing. The Louisiana-based company was founded with a mission to craft beers that complement the cuisine and lifestyle of Cajuns and Creoles.

This summer, there's a new release from Bayou Teche. Boucanèe, a smoked wheat ale, is a nod to the wild cherry tree of south Louisiana (both the fruit and the tree logs in the smokehouse). The new ale is meant to enhance the flavors of many local dishes.

Not hitting the road to Cajun Country with us this weekend? Be with us in spirit: sit back and crack open a smoky one.