Monday, June 20


A confession: We SFA folk are lurkers on the ASFS list serve.

That's the mechanism by which the leading academics in foodways studies and food studies (is there a difference?) share ideas and debate wonkishly cool research.

If those 4 letters, arranged in that particular order, are new to you, ASFS is the Association for the Study of Food and Society. In addition to that list serve, which is pretty darn active, and which you can subscribe to by way of their website, they publish a journal, give out awards, and stage conferences.

Of late our lurking has yielded pissy debates about whether certain academic conferences on food are honest endeavors, short histories of this nation's food stamp programs, treatises on the vulgarity of toothpicks, and recaps of Jon Stewart's televised critique of Donald Trump's pizza knowledge.

Varied, sometimes idiosyncratic, sometimes insular, ASFS is worth your while if you, like the staff here at SFA world headquarters, keep one foot in the academy and one foot in the kitchen.