Tuesday, June 21


Each Tuesday, the SFA is pleased to share the stories of two members as they spend a year cooking their way through the SFA cookbook. This is the first post in our series covering their project to "cook the book." You may follow them online daily, if you'd like. You'll find their adventures at The Communal Skillet: Cooking Culture in the American South. Or feel free to keep up with them here with our weekly updates.

In the South, it's strawberry season. It's a signal that winter is gone, summer is here, and it's time to bake, make jams, and eat homemade ice cream. For our friends at the Communal Skillet, it signaled time to tackle the SFA cookbook's strawberry shortcake recipe. Whether you like sweetened shortcake or something closer to a traditional biscuit, you'll have to decide. Read their musings on the proper shortcake here.