Monday, April 11


This year's SFA field trip is a ramble through Cajun Country. We'll meander down blacktop back roads, through dog-in-the-road towns. To meat markets that sell liver-flecked boudin and crawfish boiling points where the tables are draped in newspaper. And we'll celebrate the tradition of Creole lunch houses in Acadiana.

SFA oral historians Sara Roahen and Rien Fertel have spent the past few months in the field, documenting these Creole plate lunch joints. The oral history interviews they collected will be featured online soon, and we'll celebrate the proprietors during the field trip. But right now, we're giving you a taste of what lies ahead: the slideshow above is from Rien Fertel's interview with Merline Hebert of the Creole Lunch House in Lafayette, LA.

Our Cajun Country Ramble field trip is June 23-15. Go here for more info and to purchase tickets.

Grab a napkin and go!