Wednesday, March 16


This year we collected our 500th oral history interview. After almost ten years in the field, a lot has changed. Namely, the way we share these stories with you. Today, we're taking the best advantage of technology and featuring audio slideshows as part of each interview archived online. Unfortunately, there are some older projects that don't feature this technology, but we're doing our best to catch them up.

Former SFA intern and current grad assistant Meghan Leonard has spent time with some of older oral history projects, breathing new life into them with current technology. Take Rodman Meacham's interview from 2005, for example, which is featured above. His interview, as well as the rest of our Kentucky Bacon project it is part of, has been updated with an audio slideshow, marrying his voice with photographs from his family's ham house in Sturgis, Kentucky. All of the interviews from our Bartenders of New Orleans project have been updated, as well.

We hope you'll take the time to revisit these stories. They're certainly worth a listen.