Tuesday, February 1


The recession is taking its toll on everything, including iconic American Girl Scout cookies. In several markets across the country, councils have slimmed down their menus to offer just the most popular cookies, i.e. The Super Six. And to make their offerings even more irresistible, some councils are using consultants to teach sales techniques to the scouts.

Why the reduced menu and increased training? It's an effort to streamline sales, speed delivery, and increase profits, according to the national Girl Scout office. It's a move by the Girl Scouts to implement the same thriftiness and good business practices that the scouts demonstrate to earn badges.

Rest easy: Thin Mints are here to stay. After all, no good business tinkers with its best seller. And there's a publicity lesson here, too. After the Wall Street Journal reported on the Super Six, GirlScoutCookies.org had its most hits ever.