Monday, February 28


Broadcastr opens to the public today!

Working via the Broadcastr interface, the SFA is sharing its complete audio archive, adding our stories behind the food to an interactive, publicly accessible, online map of our world. Accessed via the Internet, or an iPhone/iPad/Android application, users of the service are able to experience their world through the voices of those individuals who’ve helped to shape it. People like tamale maker Elizabeth Scott in Metcalf, Mississippi. And Bo Whitaker, maker of blueberry wine in Mocksville, North Carolina. Our entire archive of oral histories will be available for listening. And, as our archive continues to grow, more voices will be added to our Broadcastr profile.

Broadcastr is naturally suited to travelers and tourists. Taking advantage of portable media, as users isolate clips or create playlists according to a certain location or theme, Broadcastr automatically streams selected audio into the user’s headphones as it would in a museum tour. This is a way to deliver SFA content to travelers without forcing them to look at a screen. It’s an audio guide to the world—the world of Southern food.

But that’s not all. Broadcastr is also a platform for the SFA to share news of upcoming events, feature oral history dispatches from the field, and share in-the-moment comments on how we interact with our region and its food. Imagine if Twitter had a speaking voice.

To interact with the SFA’s audio archive on Broadcastr, please visit