Thursday, January 6


Photo courtesy of Salon/iStockphoto

On, Francis Lam wrote about his new year's resolution to avoid "cheap chicken" in 2011. The resolution (manifesto, if you will) brings up an interesting dilemma; one that I think many of us run into as we try to navigate our food and its sources.

"Which is more important to me? To stop having my money support chicken that is mass-produced at unbelievable scale, poisoning the earth and water for hundreds of miles, that is treated brutally? Or to have that chance to meet the many Charles Gabriels, the taco truck cooks and the noodle shop owners and all the other working-class cooks whose cuisines I adore and whose stories I want to hear and help tell?"

I wish the answer was clear-cut and easy. (I personally don't think you have to put both feet in one camp.) But it means that the answer to this will look different to different people.

I think the best thing about a new year's resolution is that it gives us pause. We stop going through the motions of our busy lives to think through some of the decisions we're making (especially the "passive" decisions). Here's to a thoughtful and deliberate 2011. Cheers!