Monday, August 16


Photo by Aya Brackett

Good Food Awards

Calling all Southern food producers to submit an entry to the Good Food Awards! Now through September 15, the Good Food Awards is looking for outstanding beer, charcuterie, cheese, chocolate, coffee, pickles, and preserves makers to enter their star products. The grocery aisles can be an exhausting exercise in value judgments: affordable vs. fair trade, organic vs. authentic, local vs. grassfed. The Good Food Awards will cut through all of that, giving a recognizable seal to the foods judged by luminaries of the food world to be exception in both flavor and their responsible practices. Alice Waters will host the awards ceremony on January 14, and winners are invited to take part in the ceremony and a special marketplace. The farmers and ranchers behind the foods will also be honored, showing it takes a village to make a jam. There is a special category for the South, and entry is via a simple online form filled out by September 15, followed by sending a sample to the blind tasting by the likes of Ruth Reichl, Nell Newman, Paul Bertolli, Bruce Aidells, and more. Entrants also pay a $10 processing fee.