Saturday, August 21


Eating the SFA Cookbook: Boiled Peanuts

I had to take a brief intermission from eating the SFA Community Cookbook--doctor's orders. I have been on bed rest (at 33 weeks pregnant), so standing to cook or bake was out of the question. Though I am officially still on bed rest (hope you're not reading this, doc!), I found a compromise: boiled peanuts. You can't get much more hands off than that.

The most important part of this recipe is the fresh, green peanuts. My husband and father-in-law graciously visited our local farmers market store to get me the needed three pounds of legumes. I'll be the first to admit I was a bit skeptical about the amount of water and salt in the recipe. Both are far less than I would have expected (only 3 Tbsp. of salt?). I think my father-in-law wanted to dump in more salt when I walked out of the room (thank you for your restraint, Otis).

Making this was incredibly easy. Boil. Wait. Eat. Results...if it was up to me, I would add more salt. But I like a really salty peanut. Also, the recipe says to boil 1-2 hours. I boiled them for 1.5 hours and then let them sit in the water for another hour. This meant the peanuts were not completely mushy (though I actually prefer a mushier version). My husband disagrees. He loved the outcome, salt- and consistency-wise; I think he just wishes I could produce some college football to eat them in front of.

Speaking of boiled, I was hoping I could get some advice. A few weeks back, I wanted to take a load of deviled eggs (with a recipe found in the SFA Community Cookbook) to a potluck supper. I am fortunate to have a dozen chickens in my backyard (that someone else cares for), so the egg recall does not apply here. However, I have found the freshness of the eggs to cause some major problems when it comes to peeling a hard-boiled egg. Is it even possible to peel fresh eggs (the eggs were about 3 weeks old)? Let me tell you what I tried, and hopefully someone out there can tell me where I'm going wrong. I covered the eggs with water (with 1 tsp. of baking powder), brought it to a boil, covered the pot, turned off the gas, and let them sit for 15 minutes. Then I immersed them in an ice bath for 10 minutes and then tried to peel. I could not get a clean peel. So now I've eaten a lot of boiled eggs, but none of them deviled, like I wanted. Help, please!