Monday, August 16


Has it really been almost a year since we found ourselves in Oxford as the pleased-as-punch recipients of the inaugural Egerton Prize? We can still taste those delicate catfish fritters and hear Otis Clay’s soulful crooning.

Certainly no update would be complete unless we filled y’all in on the victuals we’ve been serving up to get folks connected with their own wild places. Last November, with the support of Savory Thymes, we hosted a sold-out Wild Game & Foraged Feast Fundraiser in the Bay Area. Talented local chefs, hunters, foragers and jerky makers collaborated with us on an inspired menu that showcased California treats with a Cracker twist. Our guests gobbled up Dixie Lily corn bread, swamp cabbage pickles, pimento cheese and fried gator alongside wild nettle soup shooters and grilled wild hog & venison -- most for the first time! Local folks brought homemade pumpkin beer and meade, but the big surprise was a dozen mason jars of Bristol’s finest “Apple Pie” and “Corn” hand-delivered by some new SFA pals (who by request shall remain nameless) that we met only three weeks before at the Symposium.

After a busy winter, in April, we wrapped production. In May, we officially kicked off post-production with an intensive two-month residency in California, where we watched hundreds of hours of Florida Cracker families hunting, trapping, fishing and gigging along with footage from 15+ years of Hayley’s life. We are currently scriptwriting and will begin the edit in the coming weeks.

Along the way, we were honored with a series of additional prestigious awards, including Chicken and Egg Pictures “I Believe in You Grant”, the San Francisco Film Society/FAF Documentary Award, two Winston Foundation Grants, and the SFFS FilmHouse Residency. But the Egerton Prize launched it all and we plan to do you proud.

Look for Swamp Cabbage: a Dark and Sweaty Documentary in late 2011. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on all the dark and sweaty good times (and good eats) to come!