Tuesday, July 13


Eating the SFA Community Cookbook

When John T asked if I'd be interested in picking recipes in the forthcoming Southern Foodways Alliance Community Cookbook and then blogging about the experience (i.e. Julie & Julia), I was floored. Heck--I was planning on doing the first part anyway. Might as well put myself up for either movie rights or public humiliation (or both??). And my husband was more than a little excited about this new "work project."

I love cookbooks. I get them as presents. I give them as presents. I read online recipes. I don't understand how people wouldn't like reading cookbooks! Personally, I need a road map to my culinary destinations. Great cook, I am not. Good cook? Yeah, I'll take that.

As I raced over the pages of the SFA Cookbook in my mind, my palms began to sweat a little. I mean, there's everything from Austin Leslie's Fried Chicken to Bill Smith's Braised Possum with Sweet Potatoes. Not exactly my comfort zone. But as I thought of the load of fresh, ripe tomatoes sitting in my kitchen, I turned to a recipe that would not only use my resources, but would be an easier pill to swallow for my first foray into cooking and blogging. So for tonight's supper: Tomato Pie from the kitchen of Billy Reid.