Friday, June 18


FRANK MA - RETIRED RESTAURANTEUR from Southern Foodways on Vimeo.

As we gear up for next week's field trip to Atlanta, we're putting the finishing touches on a new oral history project that documents Buford Highway, arguably the South's oldest and most diverse international corridor. As usual, we explore the place through food.

Interviews for our newest oral history project were collected by our friend and colleague Kate Medley, who lives in Atlanta. She gathered stories from first- and second-generation immigrants who brought the foods of their homelands with them and were introduced to and often inspired by other culinary traditions they encountered while living in Georgia. You'll meet people like Frank Ma, featured above, the grandfather of Chinese restaurants in Atlanta, who arrived in the city in 1972. He also loves to eat at the Waffle House.

Look for the rest of the interviews to appear online next week. And look for the SFA along Atlanta's Buford Highway next weekend!