Monday, May 17


Photo courtesy of Victor Schrager/The Heirloom Tomato

Controversy is brewing in the case of heirlooms vs. hybrids. In an article in the Wall Street Journal, Anne Marie Chaker discusses the lure of the hybrid tomato that will produce a more prolific fruit, with a better resistance to diseases. But do they have the flavor that comes with the heirlooms?

Either way, if you are hankering for those green tomatoes on your vines to start ripening and you're hoarding thick-sliced bacon--readying yourself for your first fresh BLT of the summer...this read will certainly whet your appetite further. And if you haven't gotten your tomato plants in the ground yet, you'll be racing to ready your garden.

"Eating home-grown tomatoes that have delicately ripened on the vine (and not been battered in shipping) is one of the best eating experiences money can't buy, " writes Ms. Chaker. Mmmmm...we couldn't agree more.

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