Thursday, April 22


First Food: St. Augustine and the Birth of American Cuisine

photo courtesy of Los Companeros

On June 19, 2010, First Food, the first, annual heritage food event of the living history group, Los CompaƱeros de la Cocina (The Companions of the Kitchen), will be held at the Colonial Spanish Quarter Museum in St. Augustine, Florida.

The founding of Florida in the 16th century saw the blending of European, African, and Native American foodways and the birth of the first uniquely American cuisine. Los CompaƱeros will present interpretations and demonstrations of the foodways of early Florida and the southeastern U.S., including:

• what foodstuffs were available in 16th-century Florida
• how they were procured
• how they were preserved
• how they were prepared
• and how they were consumed.

For more information, you can contact or 1-877-FLA-HIST.