Tuesday, December 22


CARTS, a national teachers’ newsletter published by City Lore and Local Learning and edited by Amanda Dargan and Paddy Bowman, welcomes the submission of articles for its 2010 foodways issue, with special guest editor Makalé Faber-Cullen.

Started in 1996, the CARTS (Cultural Arts Resources for Teachers and Students) Newsletter highlights the people, places, and traditions that turn our communities into classrooms. As folklorists, we employ ethnographic tools to engage educators and students in exploring cultural expressions, uncovering personal traditions and knowledge, and meaningfully connecting classrooms with communities.

For the 2010 issue, we seek contributors who can share specific projects demonstrating how the study of foodways contributes to student learning across the curriculum. And beyond study, how involvement in food growing, harvesting, preparation, presentation, and eating contributes to student development. We are looking for stories, from both land and sea.

Submission Guidelines. Inquiries and questions are welcome prior to submission. Send them to our 2010 Outfielder aka our Guest Editor, Makalé Faber-Cullen (makale@me.com) with “CARTS” in the subject line. Authors, if you’d like to submit your foodways-themed article directly, instructions are below. Deadline for COMPLETED submissions is March 29, 2010.