Wednesday, October 28


Preparations are being made somewhere north of Oxford for the Egerton boys, elder John and his nephew John, to hold forth at a Nov. 1 celebration of ham, beaten biscuits and bourbon at the Southern Food & Beverage Museum in New Orleans. SoFAB, a budding exhibit hall and food research center in the Riverwalk complex near the French Quarter, is a close and collaborative friend of our SFA family, and the senior Egerton (as well as other SFAers) has served on their board.

The Egertons are old Kentucky hands with aged ham and beaten biscuits—two of the most venerable and beloved foods in the repertoire of the Bluegrass State. Bourbon, of course, is better known, but the triple treat has been served together since Senator Henry Clay, the Great Compromiser, tried in vain to prevent the Civil War with ham biscuits and brimming shot glasses of Elijah Craig's distilled spirits back in the 1850s.

This New Orleans gig conflicts with SFA's annual symposium, but the Egertons will pass through Oxford on Saturday, Oct. 31—Halloween afternoon—and do a wet run of their schtick in Oxford from 5 to 6 p.m. Symposiasts are invited to drop by, say hello, and taste a sample. Details available at the symposium.

Contributed by John Egerton