Thursday, May 14


Rita Forrester (L) sings with Tennessee Skyline at the Fold. Photo by Amy C Evans. See more pictures from the Carter Family Fold here.

"The thing my mother, Janette Carter, was doing here at the Carter Family Fold with the music was a big part of everything, but food was an essential part of making that experience warm and welcoming."
~Rita Forrester, granddaughter of A. P. and Sara Carter

We'll celebrate the memory of the first family of country music, the legendary Carter Family, whose Bristol recordings in 1927 marked the birth of the country music industry. Saturday night at the Carter Family Fold means great music. Get ready to tap your toes and shake your hips to the next generation of Bluegrass music, The Larkins. Of course, we'll eat a bite (or two). Look forward to a supper of soup beans, chicken salad, and homemade cakes prepared by the descendants of A.P., Sara, and Maybelle Carter. Register now.