Thursday, May 14


On June 2nd, the College of Charleston is hosting the Society of Economic Botany’s 50th Anniversary Conference. The theme is “African Ethnobotany in the Americas”

Up-rooted from ancestral lands, Africans arrived with their minds and cultural heritages intact despite the horrors of the “Middle Passage.” Enduring adversity, enslaved Africans put down roots in the soils of the Americas and grew new crops (as well as old) with resourcefulness and creativity.

A focus on foodways is particularly appropriate since Charleston and South Carolina Lowcountry represented one of the major entry ports for people of African descent.

With African Atlantic foodways as the focal point, presentations, performances and the artists’ exhibit and panels will highlight complex, multiethnic, and diverse Southern culinary histories.

Featured speakers include Jessica Harris, Michael Twitty, and John Mason (pictured.) For more info.