Saturday, April 25


Tortilla Making in New Albany, MS from Southern Foodways on Vimeo.
Hello again everyone, I am here with another update on the state of Foodways studies here on the campus of Ole Miss. This week I am going to give y'all a sneak peek of a rough cut of the documentary film that my group is making for David Wharton's documentary field work class. Because the theme of the class is "food and culture," our group decided to investigate the ways that food reflects the greater Oxford community. With a litle help from the owner of the local farmer's market, we met the Hernandez family, purveyors of the Five Star Tortillarilla in New Albany, Mississippi. Our film will tell the story of Laurencio Hernandez, the owner, and his family and the ways that they complicate the cultural and culinary profile of Northern Mississippi. The film attempts to elucidate the ways in which tortillas are important to the Hernandez family and the greater Hispanic (and non-Hispanic) community that they serve in Oxford and the surrounding areas. Enjoy the clip on Vimeo here.

Alan Pike
Graduate Assistant, Southern Foodways Alliance