Friday, February 13


The state of research and writing about Southern foodways is good. Very good. At the SFA we read publications that explore, by way of everything from barbecue to whiskey, the worlds of Southern culture.

Among our favorites is the The Rice Paper, published by the Carolina Gold Rice Foundation.

The CGRF works to advance the sustainable restoration and preservation of Carolina Gold Rice and other heirloom grains; raise public awareness of the importance of historic ricelands and heirloom agriculture; encourage, support, and promote educational and research activities focused on heirloom grains; serve as an information resource center to provide authentic documentation on heirloom grain culture and heritage

The latest issue of The Rice Paper just went live online. Therein you will read:

“Charleston Gold Rice: Making the Old New Again.”

“Search for the Lost ‘Long Gold’ Rice.”

A report from Richard Schulze’s Turnbridge Plantation

A review of David Shield’s newly published Pioneering American Wine.

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