Thursday, February 26


Larry Proffitt, owner, Ridgewood Barbecue in Bluff City, TN

While SFA oral historian Amy C. Evans was in Virginia to interview the Carter Family, she crossed the state line into Tennessee to pay a visit to Larry Proffitt and Ridgewood Barbecue. Opened by Larry's parents, Jim and Grace Proffitt, in 1948, this little restaurant that's tucked into the Tennessee hills has made a name for itself by smoking hams--not shoulders--sliced paper-thin, heated on a griddle, doused with a special tomato-based sauce and then piled high on a giant bun. 

Look for Amy's interview with Larry Proffitt to appear on the Southern BBQ Trail soon. Meantime, check out the Ridgewood Barbecue photographs that already appear on our Flickr page.