Thursday, January 29


SFA offers a Skillet Brigade salute to The Ramey Agency of Jackson, Mississippi. They regularly encourage staff to volunteer time for community projects, and this year they're working closely with Stewpot in the Capital City. Stewpot began as a soup kitchen, but now offers over 17 programs to assist families with food, clothing, and housing needs.

There are currently three work dates on the books for Ramey staff to serve lunch at Stewpot:
Friday, February 13
Friday, May 8
Friday, September 11

Ramey invites fellow SFA members in the Jackson/Central MS area to join them on these work dates. They have all the hands they need on February 13, but if folks are available for the later dates and want to help, they should e-mail Ellen Carr at for more information. To see the group in action, visit here. SFA thanks you for your service spirit!