Monday, January 12


Roll up your sleeves and join SFA's Skillet Brigade. It's a new initiative, one designed to put our vision statement into action: To set a table where black and white, rich and poor, all who gather, may consider our history and our future in a spirit of reconciliation.

To jump start our Skillet Brigade, and in coordination with the National Day of Service, SFA members in the Atlanta area are teaming with Slow Food Atlanta for a work day at the Good Shephard Community Church gardens this Saturday, January 17. The effort is led by SFA member and Slow Food convivium leader Judith Winfrey. And in New Orleans, SFA board member Sara Roahen is working with Share our Strength's Great American Bake Sale. Come March, she'll be looking for local SFA members to share their favorite homemade cookies at a community stand.

Did you now that January 19, next Monday, is our National Day of Service? SFA encourages you to donate part of your work holiday to a community service initiative. Need ideas for projects? Our Web site has links with suggestions. Pitch in, help out.