Monday, January 12


There is a meat-meets-art happening in New Orleans that you don't want to miss. New York artist Allison Meehan has envisioned quite a carnival for the city--it involves pig and art and foosball, at a space called the Brickyard, set amid the ruins of what was once a Bywater neighborhood molasses warehouse.

If we understand correctly, Chef Donald Link will be cooking a pig or three, with his grill set up behind one of the goals of a mock foosball game, laid out a green at the center of the Brickyard. While Link cooks, 26 foosball players will, taking their inspiration from the tabletop game, slide and summersault while kicking a green, inflatable ball – representing the apple commonly stuck in the mouth of a roasted suckling pig – around the field, trying to score points. After a couple hours of kicking, everyone will eat pig. Along the way, Meehan hopes to catalyze conversations about how food events engender community and about how local foods matter to local people. Wacky? Yes. Fun? Definitely. You should go.

January 17, 2009
Location: The Brickyard, Bywater, 3000 block of Chartres Street.
Foosball starts at noon or so
Feed starts at 3:00 or so
Admission is $5 or so