Wednesday, November 12


Folklore Forum is seeking articles for its upcoming issue on foodways. By building rituals and ideologies around the consumption, production, and preservation of food, many cultures establish and express unique systems of belief and other social distinctions. The choice of what to eat (or not to eat) is an integral part of both forming and maintaining an individual and group identity.

In this issue, we seek to present examples of foodways that are relevant to the study of folklore and folklife. Folklore Forum invites proposals that consider, but are not limited to, the following suggestions:
- Methods of Food Production & Collection (farming, gardening, bee keeping)
- Foods as a Means to Communicate Gender, Identity, Emotion
- Methods of Preservation (canning, jarring, freezing)
- Food Movements (Slow Food Movement, Organic/Sustainable Food Movement)
- Methods of Consumption (cooking, setting the table, restaurants)
- Food and Education ("learning" food, acquiring a taste)
- Acted Foodways (festivals, celebrations, observations, tastings?)
- Foodways and Religion (taboos, traditional, non-traditional, history)
- Food and the Formation of Identity (national, cultural, ethnic)
- Food and the Perception of "The Other"
- Food and Family
- Manners
- Food Lore Regarding a Specific Food
- Food "Clubs"
- Immigration and Foodways
- Food as Art

The deadline for submissions is February 1, 2009. For submission guidelines, please see:
Editors can be contacted at